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Electrical polyester fiber nonwovens
Changzhou Electrical Insulation Main Works Co., Ltd. (The predecessor is Changzhou xunteng Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.) is a private enterprise who is engaged in researching, manufacturing and selling the high-end lithium battery separator. The company has been focusing on the research and development of lithium battery diaphragm. Also in 2009, the company launched "xunteng" double diaphragm PP lithium battery separator to the market. Now the company has over 20 well-educated experts to develop the products for lithium ion battery separator, and over 30 other professional technicians. The company has a number of invention patents and proprietary technologies, and owns the inspection equipment and production equipment with the advanced international level, which could supply biaxial stretching polypropylene for the lithium ion battery separator with independent intellectual property rights.
The company now has the production line of lithium ion battery separator with the production capability of 30 million square meters. The main equipment were imported from Germany, US, France and Italy, which could supply different specification products thickness from 0.012 to 0.045mm and porosity from 30 to 50%. In addition, the company can customized separator for various purposes and slit any width according the requirements of customer. The products are widely used in the field of digital electronics, energy storage class, power class of lithium ion battery separator.
"Innovation, faithfulness, a win-win situation" is the business philosophy of our company from beginning to end. Our company insists the developing by technology. And we will try our best to offer the high performance, quality stable insulating material of lithium ion battery separator for the customer.
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